Am I an ideal patient for plastic surgery?

The decision to undergo plastic surgery should not be taken lightly. You must ask yourself if you want to improve or if what bothers you about your body have a negative impact on your daily life; and if its correction is a priority for you to improve your social interaction and increase your self-esteem.

First, you should consider all other options to meet that condition. Second, you must ask the cost you are "willing to pay", not only economically, but also personally including the risks to run, pain, inflammation and post surgical discomfort you will have to tolerate, long time recovery, your commitment to follow the instructions of the surgeon, the acceptance of the final results, which are not always ideal and/or possible submission to additional treatments to improve your results or repair any complications.

Cosmetic, plastic or reconstructive you must be aware that this is a "surgery" and has its risks, however, unlike other is an elective surgery for which you will prepare physically, mentally and financially, choosing with Dr . Sesto the ideal time to do it.

"The ideal patient," Dr. Sesto says "is one that, self-motivated, is looking for an improvement in her appearance and is also realistic in her expectations of what plastic surgery can accomplish. But the patient seeking absolute perfection or miraculous results is not a good candidate, since this specialty does not offer perfection. "

"If I see" continues Dr. Sesto "the patient expects more of the surgery that what it can provide, I recommend not to choose it because success depends not only on their expectations, my training, skills and knowledge, but also limited by a variety of factors including overall health, age, skin texture, scarring, bone structure, heredity, habits, unforeseen complications, submission to the post instructions surgical and even the patient mood, the problem to treat and the techniques at hand. "