Brazilian Butt Lift

Today is fashionable to have a more pronounced and defined "derriere". In plastic surgery the demand for buttocks embellishment has significantly increased.

Celebrities like J Lo, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and many others, plus more suggestive fashion clothes and materials that goes tight to the body, have led to interest woman in her buttocks appearance.

These days buttocks have displaced female breast as symbol of sensuality.

There are only two safe ways to increase and contouring of the buttocks.

One is to remove the fat deposits around the buttocks creating a more particular definition of them. Fat obtained from this area or any other area that has been liposuctioned, is transfer by injection into an area previously defined to increase volume, creating an outcome characterized by a buttock with a greater volume, projection and definition, which are the keys to an aesthetically harmonious buttock.

This procedure is commonly called "Brazilian Butt Lift" or by its acronym BBL. It can be combined with procedures such as tummy tuck and liposuction.
The other method involves the placement of implants or prostheses that are designed with special features to be placed in the buttocks below the muscular fascia (membrane covering the muscle) or within the muscle plane.

This procedure can be combined with liposuction but may increase the risk of accumulation of fluid around the implant or what we call "seroma".

We do not recommend injecting " synthetic substances" or "alo injectable implants" for purposes of gluteus augmentation as major complications occur in both short and long term. These complications are practically irreversible and difficult to repair.