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About Dr. Adolfo Sesto


Adolfo Sesto in addition to "MD" degree from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, held the titles of "Surgeon General" and "Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon" graduated from the University of Guadalajara, Mexico. His studies and specialty training where course at the internationally renowned "Institute of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr. Josè Guerrerosantos" with the eminent “Maestro Guerrerosantos”, one of the pioneers in plastic surgery, whom he assisted in his investigations of fat transfer, so popular today.

Dr. Sesto continued his studies in the United States in advanced techniques in plastic surgery to pioneer in Dominican Republic the use of laser in cosmetic procedures and surgeries, performing the first of these procedures in the country and the first endoscopic facelift. This earned him a recognition by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons becoming the first Dominican plastic surgeon to be admitted to membership; also in the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

The refinement of his body contour work (tummy tuck, liposculpture and breast), with the naturalness of his nose jobs, eyelid, neck and facelifts; conjoint to over 20 years of experience and the warmth of his manners, define him as a plastic surgeon committed to excellence.

"My priority is the safety, comfort, care and satisfaction of my patient, hence I always performed in a medical center accredited and certified with proper medical equipment and qualified personnel in all areas of medicine."

"Continuing education is an obligation to my patients, for their health, general welfare and variety in options is very precious to me."


"Humanitarian Award" from Healing the Children of Latin America Association.

"Invited Professor" in "Course  for Body Contour Implants" Hospital Sima, San José, Costa Rica.

Designer of Modifications for the Nose L Implant, produce under his name by Silimed, Brasil.


With over 20 years of private practice we offer a personalized and multidisciplinary attention.

Internists, labs specialists, anesthesiologists, surgical assistants, specialized nurses and administrative personal form our staff. Sometimes we, also, turn to another medical specialists for reasons inherent to  the patient.

Our staff is dedicated to provide the best health care to our patients, with dedication, warmth and personalized manners, before, during and after the procedures.

Our patients  become part of an extended “big family”, and we  try to keep  follow up, caring communication   and friendship relations over time.