Breast Implants

Breasts have always been an important symbol of femininity affecting women self-esteem depending on their deficient or excess. This time we'll talk about deficient.

Breast implants that were created in the 60s have evolved over the past 50 years, both in content and in wrappin. Today's implants contain technical features that make them practically permanent.

Actually the ideal implant is the Cohesive Gel Silicone ( medical grade), with texturized cover (which seems fabric). These implants comes in different shapes and sizes to suit every chest shape and breasts in particular.

They can be used as the sole method of increasing breasts in cases where the breast is small or does not have the size the patient want.

The route of implant placement is through wounds that can be: around the areola, the crease of the breast or the underarm groove. The ideal place to position the implant, in my experience, is below the chest muscles as it will give a more natural look , as more long term and permanent results.

Breast implants can also be used in cases of breast sagging where their placement is combined with lifting and migration of the nipple-areola complex techniques; especially in patients who have little or no mammary gland after breastfeeding , weight loss or aging of the breast skin, and those whose breast is observed "empty".

Breast implants are now a widely used and safe resource statistically with very few complications, patients returned to femininity and self-esteem, enjoying joviality of the breast.